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Family Reunions Made Easy
Father Joseph Sherfane founder and Chairman of the Task Scout 1933


In the name of God

the Eternal Praise be to God alone, who created man with his descendants on successive days, and breaking his fast on the tenderness of Mhaf? Him on this atomic, grew and spread in parts of the ground, and I loved him lineage, tomorrow Zhuge News ancestors, and She enjoys him to find nothing whatsoever.

And that is why I - I'm poor him Almighty Father Joseph, the son of Zahir, son of Peter, son of Solomon, the son of Nassif, the Shirvan-Deeb, from Beirut happened freestanding type of Abinaaailthzh historical overview compiled by painstakingly research and exploration, and put them to the nucleus know to their parents and grandparents.

And take up the pen on the event -oho branch of the eighteenth century -vlm type what I wrote, but motivated by the desire Akj lead one day to connect the various branches of the first originally.

This branch of the family. And Deeb's family in a village in Haqel Jbeil, out of which we found Nassif Cherfane Deeb because he quarreled with the patron of the monastery Mayfouq, Faramah his gun and came to the event Matsma their rulers princes Alarsaliyn about one thousand and seven hundred and thirty Fajaroh.

He was found Nassif skillful in Altrgl snipe snipe was in the desert of Shuafat and guide the princes of his birds, Vlquboh Baltrgla, nickname, and is Abinaahmdh this title.

The news I heard all of the Nsepe photographer Tannous Cherfane in Zahle, grandmother Katoob Sassine wife grandfather automatically Ghalib. And this grandmother lived a hundred and ten years to retain the health of mind and body and was Troy news the family to her grandson Faris and is in the prime of youth does memorize and recounted all Amanh.oukd re reserved in front of me again and far between in the conditions did not change the characters which had previously narrated Rahmat Allah be upon him.

After Fargo that this tract be of benefit to the beneficiary, and that Anahj grandchildren grandparents approach in piety and chivalry and maintain a decent Lebanese tradition and be advocates of sympathy among all citizens and adding them news of their progress.

He says the Hearing, the respondent