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Daher Butros

His renown Hamid hidden and do good, and winning the trust of the people, and especially in his home town, in 1899 Qajmao on his unanimous election Sheikh reconciliation in the era of Noam Pasha turneth Mount Lebanon, sent to him disposed Biorlde a decree appointing him and has published Sourthbalznkowerev.

In the eighth page and read this.

Alamathl role models and peers Mansoob by us to the village of Sheikh reconciliation event Dahir Sheikh Zaid of Peter Solomon
That where a hurry, the election of Sheikh peace to the village of event application Sunni systems accordingly and where villagers mentioned may Antbokm so and found your election to this position we have lost a hurry, issued by accepting and your appointment Sheikh Magistrate's prestigious village building you you are policies meet the function of the governor of reconciliation with fulfill errand chiefdom also all Activity mettle and conciliation for specific instructions as Halmentzer of your knowledge, and for him to have this Albiorlde liberation of the Court of Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate and sent to you.

History Of "Sherfan"

From the title of "Altrgla" to the title of the Shirvan ...


According to the book (built Cherfane) family of Khoury Joseph Cherfane and on page ninth specifically that found Nassif, the Shirvan-Deeb has left Haqel village in Jbeil because of Chajrh with the patron of the monastery Mayfouq, Faramah his rifle and refuge to the town of Hadath Mstagira their rulers princes Alarslanian who in turn protected it, and because he was skillful in hunting Altrgl and was generous princes of his hunting guides have to label him Baltrgla, nickname, he and his sons for this title

Here and may Astvzni this title, especially I and like the rest of my family fond and proud members of the title of Shirvan, I started looking for the cause of the latter label to that found the answer to my questions this with Nasib us and is Iskandar Elias Iskandar Cherfane God's mercy and was in the early seventies. Tell me the story I am personally convinced me and I wanted to convey to Houdrtkm

It came on the lips of Naseebna that in those days the prince was forced to travel outside the country, and did not find among all the men who were the most faithful in his service and loyalty of a man found Nassif. Vooklh his family and all Orezagh, and in his absence, he found the task entrusted to him much of the Secretariat and righteousness and honor as it Sun Prince and interested in their family and took care in his absence and for the livelihoods has overflowed good over and effort found and imports increased grew Prince impressive Bjdna when he returned from traveling and was nicknamed "Shirvan" because Sun Cherfane two: the honor of the display and honor the Earth